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The Problem of Confusion and Overwhelm

Experience a sense of empowerment as you engage in personal development and educational activities designed to help you successfully navigate the athletic recruiting process. Cut to the chase and eliminate distractions so you can focus on what's most important to you and your family.   

The Responsibilities of the Player-Parent Partnership

Finding the right college and playing opportunity is a partnership shared by the student athlete and the adults guiding the process.  Establish the goals and  responsibilities of players and parents early to foster better communication, understanding and direction. Agree in advance to achieve mutual interests. 

The Pathway to Student-Athlete Success

Establish the proper mindset for success.  Set realistic goals aligned with your academic and athletic preparedness. Gain clarity about NCAA eligibility, financial aid and college admissions. Utilize social media and mobile marketing tools to rise above the crowd to attract college coaches.

S.I.G.N. M.E. !

Scholarship Course

Welcome: A Preview of the S.I.G.N. M.E. ! Course Outline

Our goal at Athletic Scholarship Information is to teach you what you need to attract the attention of college coaches that match your athletic ability and academic performance. We will discuss proper mindset, the role of the NCAA and much more...

Module 1: Mindset - Get Your Mind Made Up

In Module 1, we are going to dive into the world of mind mastery. The proper mindset is grounded in the belief that abilities and outcomes are influenced by more than natural talent.  Hard work, determination and drive set the stage for success.

  • 1.1 Mindset
  • 1.2 Goal Setting
  • 1.3 Decision Making

Module 2: The NCAA - Don't Be Afraid 

In Module 2, we are going to eliminate all fear of the NCAA and breakdown its role in the athletic recruiting process.  We will learn how to register, timetables, and eligibility requirements.

  • 2.1  History of the NCAA
  • 2.2 NCAA Clearinghouse
  • 2.3 Eligibility Rules
  • 2.4 Levels of Competition

Module 3: Maximum Exposure - Rise Above The Crowd

In Module 3, you will learn mobile marketing strategies and methods to maximize exposure to college coaches that match your athletic and academic abilities.This module takes away the challenge of figuring out how to get noticed as you rise above the crowd using   "Awareness Triggers" that attract the attention of college coaches.

  • 3.1 Academics
  • 3.2 Athletics
  • 3.3 Community
  • 3.4 Mobile Marketing

Module 4: "A Good Name" - Will Shine Forever  

In Module 4, we will discover what it means to have a "Good Name."  What are the special qualities that make a player more desirable to college coaches?  Understand how to manage your name on social media and explore  fundamental values  that will reward you for a lifetime.

  • 4.1  Social Media
  • 4.2 Coachable
  • 4.3 Character
  • 4.4 Leadership

Module 5: Go The Extra Mile - Research and Analysis 

In Module 5, we focus on the practice of going the extra mile. Doing more than is expected translates into better decisions. Develop a better understanding of your realistic playing options and college opportunities. Learn to use a more in-depth approach to analyzing critical information.

  • 5.1 Self Assessment
  • 5.2 College Search
  • 5.3 Sports Programs
  • 5.4 Insider Information
  • 5.5 Communication

Module 6: College Admissions - The Influencers

In Module 6, you will identify those who will support and advise you during the college admissions process. Learn the value of the Player-Parent Partnership. Include close friends, coaches, counselors, and community members on your support team. Leverage the support of influencers within the prospective colleges that affect your admission decision.

  • 6.1 Coaches
  • 6.2 Application Process
  • 6.3 Alumni and Fans
  • 6.4 Admissions

Module 7:  SIGN! - Evaluate your Options

In Module 7,  learn how to evaluate your playing options. Understand what is required to receive a National Letter of Intent.  A binding agreement between you and the school you will be attending. Know the signing dates for your sport, evaluate financial aid agreements as well as the appeal and release process should you decide not to attend.

  • 7.1 Organize Choices
  • 7.2 Evaluate Options
  • 7.3 Signing Day

Module 8:  Private Facebook Group for SIGN ME! Members

In Module 8, you will be invited to join our private Facebook support group.  Here you can comment, ask questions and receive support from advisors, other SIGN ME! members as well as guest speakers. 

Bonus 1: Online Academic and SAT/ACT Prep Support

Bonus 1, online access to adaptive technology that identifies strengths and learning gaps. Practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empowers learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom in preparation for SAT and ACT testing.. 

Bonus 2: Financial Backup Plan

Bonus 2, introduction to  backup savings plans designed to help families save for specific goals related to all things school. Goals may be funded with scheduled, recurring contributions from an existing checking or savings account, so you can set it and forget it. Long-term savings may also be tied to credit card purchases, rewards and savings match on earnings.

Bonus 3: Organization and Management Tools

Bonus 3, a collection of resources that includes links and other digital assets useful for streamlining the recruiting process.  Included are checklists, timetables and  communication tools designed as "awareness triggers" to attract the attention of college coaches.

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"Coach Weaver helps parents gain the confidence they need to successfully navigate the recruiting process. The S.I.G.N. M.E.! system utilizes the principles of maximum exposure, proper academic and athletic preparation to find playing opportunities that fit your child’s abilities. "

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